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BrainyBlox™- Cognitive Magnetic Building Set


"I love the way this product can build initiative by keeping the user mentally inquisitive. In this competitive world, starting your child off to think out of the box will help him or her succeed as an adult because they will not be limited to the age-old way of doing things. This product fosters new ideas in children as they experiment with how things can be."

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Balancing digital engagement with active play is becoming increasingly challenging. Screens often take away from the importance of imaginative play in cognitive development. This escalating difficulty in finding screen-free activities that nurture imagination and spatial awareness leaves parents deeply concerned and frustrated.

Introducing BrainyBlox™, a colorful magnetic building sticks set that can be moldered into a variety of shapes and structures. Building with sticks and balls magnets can help develop their hand-eye coordination ability, visual-spatial awareness, and fine motor skills. Children enjoy endless hours of fun that encourage their learning and development.


✅ Great STEM Learning:
BrainyBlox™ comes with colorful magnetic sticks and balls with powerful magnets that are easy to construct. It encourages children's spatial thinking, logical ability, visualization abilities, color sense, and cognitive development.

Cognitive Enhancement: This hands-on approach boosts critical thinking by encouraging exploration and the assembly of diverse shapes and structures. BrainyBlox™ accelerates cognitive development, enhancing understanding of mathematical and spatial concepts.

Motor Skills Advancement: BrainyBlox™ transforms play into an opportunity for children to enhance their fine motor skills. This precision play enhances dexterity and coordination, essential building blocks for academic pursuits and everyday tasks.

Creative Flexibility: With its vast array of building possibilities that nurture creativity and imagination. BrainyBlox™ empowered children to invent and construct unique structures, fostering enhanced creative thinking.

Bonding Time: BrainyBlox™ encourages children to interact with their families, siblings, and friends to build their masterpieces. This creates a fantastic, engaging shared experience that enhances the development of cooperation, trust, and teamwork.

Premium Quality: It is made with premium, non-toxic materials capable of withstanding energetic play. BrainyBlox™ is built to last and is an excellent learning companion throughout a child's early developmental years.

We understand touchscreen addiction is a concern for parents, and it can have a detrimental effect on children's mental development. The addiction of children to their online presence is disheartening as it isolates them from physical activities. In a recent study, the Montessori approach showed considerable benefits in reasoning skills, visual-spatial awareness, and cognitive thinking skills.

Thankfully, take a deep breath and feel the relief that we can prevent children from becoming addicted to touchscreens. BrainyBlox™ sparks children's imaginations through play that stimulates curiosity and develops an active mind. Experience the thrill of endless playtime with children while giving them a head start on development.


Material: Non-toxic ABS plastic with neodymium magnets
Strength: High-grade magnets for secure construction
Size: Varies (from 2" to 5" in length)
Weight: 1.2 lbs 
Age Range: Suitable for children aged 3 and above
Safety Standards: Meets international toy safety standards, including ASTM and EN71

Packing list:

1 X BrainyBlox™ Explorer Set- 84 Pieces
1 X Inspirational Building Guide
1 X Storage Box
1 X BrainyBlox™ Expansion Set- 130 Pieces
1 X Inspirational Building Guide
1 X Storage Box


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