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GoSqueeze™- Portable Blender


“ Love this product! I’ve been making smoothies with ice, yogurt, fruits, and vegetables for the past couple of months! I love how you can twist it off & take it to go! You can drink out of the actual blender! I’ve even traveled with it! Great product, good quality, and great price, the product is what I expected and as described, I would definitely recommend buying it as your first blender! ”

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ - Jessica Marie
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A lack of vitamin intake from fruits and healthy foods can induce health-related anxiety. Besides impairing mental and physical well-being, Long-term deficiency of vitamins weakens the immune system and makes people feel tired. Not only does this reduce work efficiency, but it also results in emotions of depression and dissatisfaction.

Introducing GoSqueeze™, a portable blender that blends fruits into fresh juices and smoothies and replenishes essential vitamins. Featuring powerful 4 blades, it can make nutritious smoothies, milkshakes, juices, and protein shakes that are ready to drink immediately. So take charge of the day by feeling confident and energetic.


✅ Powerful Blender: It is the perfect blender for one to make shakes, smoothies, juices, and more! Whether the ingredients are fresh or frozen, GoSqueeze™ can handle everything from a frozen mojito to a nutritious smoothie to start the day.

Food-Grade Material: GoSqueeze™ features non-toxic and ecologically safe PCTG & ABS components and 4 food-grade stainless steel 3D blades, so anyone can enjoy hydrating and energy-boosting smoothies daily with peace of mind.

Charge Wirelessly: GoSqueeze™ comes with a wireless charging station that is charged by any USB device, such as a power bank, laptop, or PC. It can blend 15+ mixes with only one full charge, and smoothies are abundant, even when shared with family and friends.

✅ Compact Design: Designed to hold 350ml of juice, weighing only 460g, and beautiful, GoSqueeze™'s bottle is easy to carry around. Simply pack it in a bag when traveling and enjoy fresh juice on the go! 

✅ Safety Protection System: The magnetic introduction technology prevents blending from starting if the base is separated from the blender. With safety in mind, GoSqueeze™ will not work if the lid is not properly closed.


We understand how self-conscious it can be when not eating enough fruits every day, especially for those who are constantly on the move. It can be very frustrating to find well-balanced juices in the market. Studies show that approximately one in five working adults is deficient in vitamin C due to a lack of fruit consumption.

Thankfully with GoSqueeze™, take a deep breath and feel the relief of no longer having to deal with low energy levels daily. GoSqueeze™ gives an instant energy boost and replenishment at any time, an easy way to recharge anywhere, making one feel confident and energetic throughout the day!

GoSqueeze™ in action!



Capacity: 350ml
Color: Pink, White
Material: food-grade PCTG(cup), silicone(handle)
Blade Material: Stainless Steel
Product weight: 490g
Product size: 82mm* 82mm* 218mm
Input: DC5V-1A

Packing list:

1 X GoSqueeze™- Portable Blender
1 X Base Charger
1 X Instruction Manual


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