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PawHaven™- Pet FlexiFence

Jet Black
Soft Grey
Snowy White

"Excellent Product, better than expected!!! A really strong fence, easy to install and place wherever is needed, truly high value for money! I highly recommend this product! The dogs are finally not able to enter the bedroom where our cats are usually sleeping, hehe"

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ - Peter
✅ Verified Buyer

Ensuring the safety and comfort of cherished furry companions at home is of paramount importance. Keeping them away from risky areas like staircases and off-limits kitchens often requires constant vigilance and the use of barriers. Addressing their need for a designated space is equally crucial, as the lack thereof can lead to continued distress and disruption of beloved pets.

Introducing the PawHaven™- Pet FlexiFence, an innovative barrier fence that redefines pet movement. It seamlessly blends into the decor while creating safe and free spaces for pets, ensuring they enjoy their freedom without disrupting the home’s tranquility. Embrace a home where serenity and playfulness coexist, ensuring a calm, organized living space filled with happy, safe pets.


✅ Retractable Flexibility: Its unique retractable mechanism allows for flexible use in various spaces. PawHaven™- Pet FlexiFence offers the convenience of adapting to different room sizes while being easily stowable when not in use.

Durable Material: PawHaven™- Pet FlexiFence is crafted from high-quality aluminum and woven mesh fabric, providing unmatched durability. This robust build ensures a long-lasting barrier that withstands the test of time and active pets.


One-Handed Operation: PawHaven™- Pet FlexiFence features a user-friendly top knob for easy operation. It provides fast access and easy management, even when the hands are full or multitasking.

Versatile Functionality: PawHaven™- Pet FlexiFence is suitable for indoor and outdoor spaces, including stairways and doorways. This offers flexibility in creating safe zones in various parts of the home or outdoor areas.

Safety Tested: It complies with ASTM safety standards, ensuring a high-quality and secure product. The PawHaven™- Pet FlexiFence provides peace of mind by being certified for safety, offering an additional layer of protection for loved ones.

Easy Installation: PawHaven™- Pet FlexiFence is engineered for effortless assembly without the need for complicated tools. It saves time and eliminates the need for technical skills, allowing for a stress-free setup process.

We understand maintaining a balance between pet's freedom and safety is an ongoing task. Taking on the task of ensuring pets' safety and well-being while still allowing them to explore and enjoy playtime is very challenging. A recent survey revealed that 7 out of 10 dog owners feel stressed and overwhelmed in keeping dog safes inside the home.

Thankfully, with PawHaven™- Pet FlexiFence, safety, and freedom can coexist perfectly. This innovative barrier helps to confidently manage pet's movements, ensuring a secure environment while keeping space looking great. Embrace peace of mind and convenience Pet FlexiFence brings, making home a haven for pets.


(1) Frame Material: High-quality Aluminum Alloy
(2) Gate Material: Durable Fabric Mesh
(3) Size Dimensions: 145 x 84cm (55"x 33")
(4) Package Size: 92 x 10 x 9 cm
(5) Package Weight: 1.8 kg

Packing list:

(1) 1 x PawHaven™- Pet FlexiFence
(2) 1 x Upper Hook
(3) 1 x Lower Hook
(4) 2 x Brackets for Upper and Lower Hook
(5) 10 x Masonry/ Brick Plugs
(6) 10 x Screws
(7) 4 x Spacers


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